Nagpur’s First Startup For Beauty Services At Home is a traditional yet modern salon that connects you with the best beauty professionals. It envisions customer satisfaction with top rated services. So, the ladies of Nagpur, get ready to experience the bliss of HeyKudi at your doorstep.

When you enter a parlour you need waxing, facial, hair trimming, hair colouring, spa and what not. So to make sure you don’t miss out anything on your checklist—we bring the salon to you. With HeyKudi get pampered by our expert beauticians in the comforts of your home.

Why should you choose salon services @ home?

Laziness partner: Considering your daily busy schedules, we know that fulfilling the grooming needs becomes difficult at times. Many a times you need some skin rejuvenating treatment, but you just don’t feel like leaving your home. Home salons will be your perfect partners when you feel lazy. All you need to do is open the HeyKudi app and the best beauty professionals in Nagpur will be there for you.

Time saving: Got a busy schedule and can’t take out time for a salon appointment? Enjoy the salon services at home hassle free. It will save not only your time but also prevent you from getting struck in the traffic.

Undivided attention: At salon, the beauticians have to handle lots of customers. This might call for some puny mistakes. Home Salon gives you the 100% attention of your beauty professionals. Enjoy the services with full relaxation. Get lucky by getting some free beauty tips for your body.

Spa party: Ever thought of it? If not, then home salon will be your fun planner. Call over your friends and enjoy your spa over drinks with your pals. This fun facility only comes with home salon services in Nagpur.

Easy appointments:  Appointments for home salon are easily available in comparison to the appointments for your regular salon. So be smart and opt for the facility that serves you first.

Why choose HeyKudi?

Best quality products: HeyKudi professionals use good quality products. So, bury all the rumours that say home salon services use cheap quality products. You do not need to worry about skin allergies or infections. We opt for nothing but the best for our customers.

Licensed beauticians: All our service professionals are registered. They are verified and wear HeyKudi t-shirts. In addition, our beauticians carry identification cards.

Customer satisfaction:  Ensuring customer satisfaction is our prime motive. We aim for providing the best services in town. This is because we connect you to your favourite salon professionals in just a few taps.